Year Three and Four had a fabulous time at Conkers at the beginning of November.

They thoroughly enjoyed becoming ‘extreme explorers’ (in line with our topic this term) for the day.

We started by exploring the sound trail, finding our way through the mythical labyrinth and, of course, visiting the playground. Bushcraft was then our first session of the day, during which we made our shelters and fires. After lunch, we then completed an orienteering challenge, competing in our teams to roam the grounds and decode as many of the clues as possible in our time limit. Heading over to the other Conkers site on the train, we then spent some time on the adventure playground before making our way back to the information centre ready to head home.

A massive thank you to the adults who came with us and helped for the day. It must also be said that the children were an absolute delight to take; they were very polite, worked incredibly well together throughout the day and were so engaged and enthusiastic during all of the various activities.

All in all, a fabulously adventure-filled day out!

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