Cadbury World

Year 3 & 4 had a fabulous time at Cadbury World on Friday! From the very start of the day, the children were all incredibly excited and were keen to get to the factory – the sight of the purple bins and lamp posts as we got closer sparked much excitement on the coach!

Once we arrived, we started off the day learning all about the Mayans. The children eagerly asked questions (particularly when learning about how children were punished by being tied to cacti!) and were enthralled by the artefacts they got to handle. We then went on to explore the main part of the museum, following the chocolate trail through the historic displays about chocolate through the ages, right up to the modern day. This part of the trail even concluded in an Isham disco in the music room of this section as we listened to the cadbury adverts of the past!

Next was the factory element of the tour, where the children got to the part they had all been waiting for…the taste test! We had a go at piping our names in chocolate, discovering some future chocolatiers during this activity, and watched demonstrations of how the chocolate is made. The cocoa bean ride and active zone ended our tour, after which we had some lunch and visited the playground that we had walked (and danced!) past many times throughout the morning! The 4D cinema and gift shop done, we then loaded ourselves back onto the coach for a rather quiet journey home!

Year 3 & 4 were an absolute pleasure to take to Cadbury World; they showed their Isham values well, were incredibly grateful for all that they received, danced their way through the day and the staff commented on how well-mannered they were. They have remembered an astounding number of facts from the Mayans talk and can explain them incredibly well!  It was a thoroughly enjoyable, fun-filled day!

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