Children’s Book Week

To celebrate children’s book week we have been doing all sorts of exciting things in school from making potions to investigating crimes.

The winner for best story book costume in KS1/Reception was Jacob Brigden, who was the Cat in the Hat, and in KS2, it was Evie McGowan as Cruella De Vil.

The winner for reading in a “peculiar place” for KS1/Reception was Emily Kraftl, who was in a water butt and, for KS2 it was Sophia-Grace Franklin for reading on a fireman’s shoulder.

The final competition of the week, which was completed in school, involved designing a bookmark. The winners were Fraser Gray for KS1/Reception and Sienna Archer for KS2.

Here are a few photos from yesterday’s dress up day. Many thanks to all parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles for designing and making some fantastic costumes.