Day 2

The boys were up bright and early this morning and we didn’t even have to wake them up! The girls were a bit more of a struggle and we only just managed to make it to breakfast on time.

After a full English, we ventured down to the beach to play some games and some of them made beautiful sculptures in the sand. Unfortunately our time down there was cut short due to the tide coming in!

After lunch, it was time for Jacob’s ladder and all the children worked brilliantly within their pairs and pushed themselves to go as high as they could within three minutes. We then moved onto the nightline which involved the children being blindfolded and navigating their way round an obstacle course – it was rather funny I have to say and there are some brilliant pictures that I’ve saved for the assembly!

Then, after dinner, it was the one they had all been waiting for: the 3G swing! Despite finding it a challenge, all children pushed themselves to their limits! Thankfully we didn’t see anyone’s dinner again!

Unfortunately the pool wasn’t fit for purpose so we ended up doing karaoke, which was very interesting to say the least! But we have some contenders for the summer show.

We’ve had another fabulous day despite it being rather cloudy. We will keep you all updated tomorrow.


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