Day 4

After another English breakfast and an endless amount toast, the children had the job of lighting their own fire. Maikeithia (also known as Bear Grylls) was the camp queen and could light a fire without even thinking about it!
We then moved onto orienteering, where the children had to navigate their way around Kingswood to find certain things.
Unfortunately, the children didn’t get to go rock pooling but we did venture to the highest point on the island and, as it was a beautiful day, we were able to see all the way across the island!
After dinner, the children had to make buggies by using logs and tying them together after learning to tie different knots.
As you can see, the children got their best gear on and had a fab time at the disco; they dominated the dance floor.
Sadly, all of our activities have come to an end as all there is to do tomorrow is have breakfast and come home. We are leaving kingswood at 9:00 ready for a 10:30 ferry crossing. I will keep you updated tomorrow via text but hopefully we shall be back into Isham about 3 ish.
The children have been an absolute pleasure to look after! They have all eaten and slept well! They are a real credit to the school and Mrs J and I are so so proud of them! What an amazing week.


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