Day 3

Wow… we have had a jam packed day and, despite the weather being a bit dull, we haven’t got too wet!

First activity of the day was learning how to fence; Amelie ended up being fencing champion!

We then moved on to learning the skills of volleyball and had various games, girls against boys, and I have to say it was very even with both sides winning at least two games.

After lunch, the children then tackled the balance beam and lots of children made it onto the top beam where they had a fabulous view of the sea!

Luckily our only indoor activity of the day happened to be when it was absolutely throwing it down! The children had to work together to build a catapult out of giant meccano. Well done to the boys for building a self supporting catapult.

With full tummies, the children then moved onto the leap of faith. The children really pushed themselves and showed great perseverance, courage and determination to tackle their fears; Mrs J and I were incredibly proud of them all.

As the sun was setting, it was time to move onto the camp fire. We sung at the top of our lungs, ate loads of marshmallows and told jokes and stories.

The children are having a wonderful time and are looking forward to tomorrow- especially rock pooling!




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  1. A huge thank you to Miss Harrison and Mrs J. Evie had a fabulous time and hasn’t stopped taking about all the fun things she did on the trip.

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