Year 3 & 4 had a fantastic time at Duxford on Friday as part of their ‘Tribes and Trenches’ project this term.

The children explored all of the different planes and hands-on activities in the first hangar, before enjoying lunch and making their way over to the WW2 hangar in the afternoon. In the ‘Battle of Britain’ hangar, they heard from someone who was evacuated towards the end of the war and he showed us the different exhibits. We also got to see a pre-fab bungalow and the WW2 operations room, before heading over to the land warfare hangar to learn more about D-Day.

We even had a very own tour guide in the form of Mr W who was able to tell us lots of interesting facts about all of the different planes and vehicles.

Thank you to those who helped out for the day, and thank you for the fab costumes provided!

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