Greek Olympians conquer Isham

Wow!! What a fantastic few days Year 5 & 6 have had preparing and participating in their very first Olympic games. The children were split into five Greek states: Megarians, Argons, Spartans, Corinthians and Athenians. In order to fully embrace the afternoon, they then researched their Greek state to create their own flag, bunting, decorative headband and much more.

The afternoon kicked off with our very own opening ceremony and each state giving a little bit of information about themselves and showing off their power by chanting! I was extremely impressed as one team even managed to say theirs in Greek!! Unfortunately, I can’t reveal the results as the children won’t know until first thing tomorrow but I’m sure they will be desperate to tell you if they are on the winning side!!!

Take a look at some of the photos of our fabulous afternoon – the children were excellent!!!!

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