Guide to making a prayer request

  • You can make a prayer request about anyone in the school community (children, staff, governors, parents, families, people from the local community or diocese) or someone who is dear to you.
  • If it is not appropriate to share a person’s name or give details which might identify them, it’s fine to be unspecific or to generalise:


‘please pray for someone who is bereaved/ children and families dealing with mental health issues/ chronic illness/ a child who is unhappy/struggling to make friends/ settle in/ anyone struggling with ill health’


  • We can pray for events in school such as the summer play, shuffle-up days, school trips.
  • We can pray for local or world issues that you or the children have heard about in the news, such as UK flooding, war in Syria, terrorist attacks in Australia.
  • We can pray for charitable causes close to our hearts such as local foodbanks, CICRA or WaterAid.
  • We can pray for topical issues that come up in the classroom, such as deforestation, plastic waste, impoverished coco farmers, WWII veterens and the royal family.
  • We can say thankful prayers, for answered prayers, for success, achievement and opportunity, for great friends.
  • We can ask for wisdom to deal with a difficult situation. We can ask for funding and resources.


You can make a prayer request for anything close to your heart, or for something you know the children care about.  We love to pray for the school and God loves to hear our prayers.

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