Muddy Education

On Tuesday, Years 1 and 2 were treated to a gloriously sunny day in Holdenby. Our day began searching for bud bursts and signs of new leaves growing on trees. Following this, the children enjoyed a carousel of activites in the woods: measuring oak trees in order to decipher their age, drawing leaves, describing the feel of different bark whilst blindfolded, laying on blankets and cushions with binoculars trying to spot wildlife and searching for minibeasts under silver birch logs with magnifying glasses.

The highlight for most children was after lunch when they snuggled together around a campfire drinking hot chocolate, enjoying the sight of exploding popcorn and tasting the delights of it once ooked. We finished the day off making habitats for different woodland creatures and by this time the children were definitely ready to flop on the coach!

“Please can we come again tomorrow?” was a question a few of them asked at the end of the day; testimony to what a wonderful day we had!

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