Online bullying is not acceptable!

Sorry for the late post!

Just before I get onto this week’s post, I just want to reiterate the one last week about Fortnite. I have had a few reported incidents from children who have said to me that people from other countries have been asking if they want free ‘V Bucks’. When the children have declined because they know it’s a scam, the other person has been aggressive towards the child. Please be vigilant and monitor your child closely when they are playing this game and also encourage your child to talk to you or someone else they trust.

This week’s PDF (online bullying) is to tell you all about online bullying and what that might look like. The children all took part in a practical assembly yesterday to recognise what online bullying looks like and how to report it.

Please share this PDF with your children – as always, it’s a great starting point for opening up discussion.


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