Online Safety Day 2018

Isham Primary School celebrated Online Safety Day on the last day of term- sorry for the late update.

As part of online safety day on Tuesday 6th February, KS2 spoke about the importance of being kind online as well as being safe. They also looked at what bullying can look like online and spoke about people who they could turn to for advice both in and out of school.

During the day, the children made pledges about what they would continually do to keep safe online- please make sure your children are sticking to these pledges!

In teams, they had to design an app to keep safe online. It could have been an app that you had to download in order to stay safe, or an app within an app to report an issue; there were some well though out ideas as you can see from the photos below.

KS1 also learnt the importance of being kind online through the story of the three little monsters.

Remember…. it’s not the internet that’s the problem; it’s how we use it!

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