Online Safety Day 2019

Because it is National Online Safety day, year 5 and 6 children have been creating their own explanation text to tell year 3 and 4 exactly how to stay safe online by managing their risks and encouraging them to talk to people they trust. Year 3 and 4 children will then be using their writing in class to prompt discussion. The rest of the school have been looking at the risks of using the internet within their I.T lessons.

Today of all days, is a great way to start talking to children about what their online behaviours and activities are, and to reassure them that they should talk about things that give them butterflies. Unfortunately, we have children as young as 7 playing fortnite despite the game having an age restriction of 12. Age restrictions are there because of the inappropriate content on these games and research shows that these children then try and replicate behaviours seen in these games. The independent have also produced an article about how playing fortnight is actually fuelling organised crime!!

We don’t want to stop children from enjoying technology, but they should be informed about the dangers that they could face. It was only a few years ago that some of our own year 6 children were being enticed by someone offering them free food.

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