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I hope you all had a wonderful summer and the children were able to get out and about when the sun made an appearance.

‘Sadfishing’ is a new social media ‘trend’ is leaving mental health problems amongst our children. Please read the BBC news article for more info.

Youtube for kids is a fantastic way for children over 4 to access Youtube. However, it does come with hazards just like any website does. Please read the guidance for more information.


Is the truth always seen on social media?

Children often want to show the ‘best version’ of themselves online. They look for inspiration from others; from friends, family, social media influencers, celebrities and others. However, they can’t see that these things are not always true and what effect can this have on their mental health.
The guidance attached mainly looks at the social pressures our young children have and how this influences the way they behave online.




Apologies, this should have been posted a few weeks ago.

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