Year 3/4 Chat!

This post is solely for Year 3 and 4 to chat, ask questions and share things with the rest of the class.

Make sure that you write in accurate, full sentences, be respectful and enjoy!!

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  1. See you all on Monday ready for our school trip to the rainforest. Good luck getting up early. Also I hope you all had great fun at the dance festival. Hope you all have a lovely weekend with lots of fun! (:

  2. I think that in the living rainforest the best bits were meeting the Sloth, and seeing some of the rainforest plants :). What was your favourite bit?

  3. The living rainforest is amazing I loved it.My favourite animal was the poison dart
    frog.thank you Miss Folland for taking us.

  4. I think it was good because it was fun and exciting in fact I found it hugely entertaining to be part of the theatrical performance on Wednesday & Thursday. I really enjoyed putting the red die in my hair but I am not sure my mum was best pleased with the traces it left behind around the house, but that’s mums for you! I found the experience of performing hugely character building and slightly nervous watching everyone watching me, especially my mum as she sometimes she gets nervous for me….

  5. I am going to see Lois in Annie on Saturday afternoon at the Lighthouse theatre. I am really excited, is anyone else going??? Good luck Lois I will cheer for you really loudly.

  6. Hi I am blogging from The Atlantis Dubai where it is 31 degrees. I am sitting looking at one of the world’s largest aquariums, with a sting ray coming up to the window. In a few days we are going to go up to the top of the tallest building in the world. Enjoy your half term and see you all back at school!

  7. Yesterday we went up the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa which was great. We then went into a cafe called the Cheesecake Factory. My Piece of chocolate cheesecake was enormous. After we had a walk around and then we got a taxi back to our hotel in time for a swim in the pool. I am having a great time in Dubai.
    Today we may be going back into the Waterpark. When we went in a few days ago I was brave enough to go down a huge slide called The Leap of Faith. It was scary but I am proud that I did it.
    See you all soon. Georgia-Mae

  8. My friend Megan is coming on Saturday night for a sleepover.I don’t get to see her much because she lives in Cambridge and I can’t wait!

  9. Are you all having great fun learning about the rainforest? I love learning about it and I am getting my project ready although I am going to keep it a secret for now… what about you?

  10. Hi, I am blogging from California! Right now I am in bed at 6:39 and today we are going to Disneyland. I have my own outfit to wear. It will be so much fun! On Tuesday I went to universal studios and we went on a Simpson’s ride! It was really, supper fun! We also went on a tram ride that niche and clam until we came to donkey Kong. He shook us and we all got wet. Disgusting! Is it the weekend in England yet? If it is just blog back to me. We have some friends to see in America. We are going to New York, Las Vegas and where we are right now is Las Angeles. We are on our own in Las Vegas.

  11. Today we are going to las Vegas. We are going for three nights. It will be so much fun because there are lots of different things to do. We are seeing friends while we are in Las Vegas.

  12. Hi guys,guess what because I started lent in England and finished in America it means lent is already over for me. I am very lucky to be in America. Tomorrow we are going to Sarah’s beach house. Sarah is a friend to my mum.

  13. What is every one doing at the weekend? I’m chilling on Saturday and Sunday. Monday I’m going to one of my dad’s fairs.I am so excited for Monday! Are you exited for anything?See you on Tuesday…

  14. Hi everybody! Guess what… at half term I am going to St. Ives in Cornwall and I am staying in a little house near the beach! Also everytime we go to St. Ives we see seals! Although I am a bit worried about going in the sea because last time I went there I trod on a Weaver fish, the most venimous fish in Europe! It was very painful!

  15. Over the holidays I am going to louisa’s for a sleepover and then she is coming here for one. Hope everyone else will enjoy there holidays.

  16. I had the best day ever yesterday. It started at the end of school. I bought Heather and Scarlett to their house.Then our mums started to talk. We had no idea what they we’re talking about.After that Jenny invited us in. Our Mums sat down and we went in the garden.5 minutes later we had to go home. When we got home my mum told me we were going to see the minions with Heather and Scarlett. When we got there we saw we were 2 rows in front of Gretel ( Rebecca). What did you do?

  17. I’ve already started my project this half term! Can’t wait to see what the rest of you have done for your projects.

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