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Assembly and Worship

Most our worship has now reverted to live in school. However, Canon Beverley Hollins, Rural Dean for Greater Northampton, is going to focus on a number of Bible characters in her virtual collective worship this half term, some well-known, some definitely not well-known, starting with Abraham. Alongside these Bible stories, Beverley will be using the bantu song 'Siya Hamba', gradually introducing a verse each week, beginning with the English version - 'We are marching in the light of God'.  So, here is the link for the first virtual collective worship from Beverley -

Final Worship of the Year from Revd Canon Beverley (20th July)

Canon Beverley’s collective worship recording this week looks at the story of Jesus telling his disciples that to be great in the kingdom of heaven you must be like a child. It encourages children to 'act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with God', offering fairness and kindness, whilst treating others as being equally important. It also includes some children from Beverley’s church primary school, Weston Favell Church of England Primary School:



Worship from Revd Canon Beverley (12th July)

Canon Beverley’s collective worship recording this week completes the Bible characters series with Huram (or Huram-Abi), a skilled craftsman:

Worship from Revd Canon Beverley (6th July)

This week’s assembly from Revd Canon Beverley Hollins is about Esther, and focuses on the value of courage:

Worship from Revd Canon Beverley (28th June)

Canon Beverley’s collective worship offering this week is about St Peter:

Worship from Revd Canon Beverley (14th June)

This week’s virtual collective worship from Beverley focuses on the story of Mephibosheth, and contrasts David, who helps him and treats him as an equal, with Ziba, who exploits his disability:

Worship from Revd Canon Beverley (24th May)

This week’s virtual collective worship offering from Revd Canon Beverley is the second in a mini-series on parables about servants, service and the God whom we are called to serve: the unforgiving servant:

Assembly with Kirstin Howarth - 24th May

Assembly with Kirstin Howarth - 17th May

Assembly with Kirstin Howarth - 10th May

Assembly with Kirstin Howarth - 3rd May

Assembly with Kirstin Howarth - 26th April

Assembly with Kirstin Howarth - 19th April

Assembly with Kirstin Howarth - 12th April

Assembly with Kirstin Howarth - 22nd March

Collective Worship

Revd Canon Beverley Hollins has recorded a number of talks in advance of her forthcoming break and move to St Peter’s, Weston Favell. Please follow the links below for each week.


Date: week beginning Monday



8th March


15th March

The Passover

22nd March

Holy Week and Easter

12th April

Jesus Makes Breakfast

19th April

The Good Shepherd

26th April

Respect and Politeness

Worship from Canon Beverley (1st March)

For this week, I was prompted by having received a lot of lovely thank you letters, to offer a thought on gratitude. It looks at the importance of saying thank you, using the story of the ten lepers, and also considers how having a thankful attitude - spending time every day thinking about what we are thankful for - is good for our own wellbeing. It includes the suggestion that children could make their own 'gratitude journals' to keep a record of what they feel thankful for.  Gratitude:

Assembly with Kirstin Howarth - 1st March

Lent Activities

This link is quite fun for those parents who want to follow Lent with their children:

Worship from Canon Beverley (22nd February)

Revd Canon Beverley Hollins, who often provides collective worship resources for our schools, is moving to take up a new post as Rector of St Peter Weston Favell.  So, she has written to introduce her first two recordings for Lent as follows: ‘For me, the challenges include moving house and changing to a new parish role, so I am going to be trying to get well ahead with the thought for the week recordings over the next few days. The theme of Lent (which continues in our school-KH) focuses on 'the wilderness' as a place where we don't cultivate the soil or do other kinds of work - we go there to stop and listen to God and to learn about God and ourselves. Not so easy in the school context to find places to stop and not work, so I look a little at how the things we give up or take up in Lent might help with that.  Lent: 

Assembly with Kirstin Howarth - 22nd February

Worship from Canon Beverley (10th February)

This week's Thought for the Week Worship from Canon Beverley, which is on the theme of courage.  Please follow the link: 


Assembly with Kirstin Howarth- 8th February

Captain Sir Tom Moore Collective Worship 

Thanks to our fellow Advisers in the Dioceses of Guildford and Southwark who have produced some worship to mark the sad death of Captain Tom aged 100 years. 

During the pandemic many families have suffered the serious illness or death of family, friends and neighbours.  The death of Captain Tom may bring feelings of sadness and grief to the surface, especially for families who have been bereaved themselves recently.  When a public figures dies it seems to almost give people permission to demonstrate their feelings of grief. Captain Tom had been seen as a beacon of hope during the pandemic, his words ‘tomorrow will be a good day’  trended on twitter.  Hope for the future is important in helping us get through this difficult time, and it is possible that some people will find the loss of this figure of hope difficult.


 The documents attached below will allow you to discuss the life and achievements of Captain Tom with your children within Worship.  They may help you talk about his death and how sad this is for his family.  This is to allow children to share their thoughts and feelings about loss and sadness in a safe environment.  Your child may want to talk to you about their feelings of loss including missing important events and people who they cannot see at present.

Attached is:

  • A script
  • A PowerPoint
  • A Together – At Home version

There is no video for this collective worship because it would be best if this sensitive subject is covered by a familiar adult. Please use it with your children as you see fit.

Kirstin Howarth

Worship for this week from Canon Beverley (1st February)

Canon Beverley Hollins has also shared a ‘Thought for the Week’ on the theme of Candlemas (Feb 2nd), and includes the story of the presentation of Jesus at the temple.

Please follow the link:

Assembly with Kirstin Howarth- 1st February

Worship from Canon Beverley (25th January)

This week's Thought for the Week takes advantage of the snow to explore the theme of 'protecting'. Not surprisingly, this thought for the week highlights the things we need to keep doing to protect ourselves and others from coronavirus, and the story is of Jonathan acting to protect his friend David when Saul threatens him.

Please follow the link:

Assembly with Kirstin Howarth- 25th January

Worship from Canon Beverley (18th January)

Cannon Beverley says: ‘This week I offer you an assembly on the theme of talents. I've chosen to emphasise the need for practice, not just to rely on being 'good at' something. The poor quality piano playing at the beginning does not last long, I promise.

  What I didn't say in the film (partly because they might see it) is that as a child I wasn't allowed to practice the piano, because hearing it played irritated my parents. I managed to practice once a week while they were doing the weekly shopping, but that wasn't enough to help me improve as a pianist, or to instil in me the habit of practicing!

  I'm conscious that in giving a catch all message that you don't do really well unless you practice, children in situations like the one I was on are caught out, because it really wasn't an option for me. As soon as I stopped studying music at school my parents sold the piano, and that was the end of that. In fact, any musical ability that I do have - and I'm not a bad percussionist - is because of my teachers in school, and being given time in school so, I hope that the message of this assembly may provide an opportunity for any children who have the restrictions I did at home, to say.’

Please follow the link:

Assembly with Kirstin Howarth - 18th January

Worship from Canon Beverley (11th January)

Collective worship for this week looks at 'New starts', a particularly challenging theme at the moment. This worship is linked to the story of the baptism of Christ, and to the idea of shining a light of love into the world, making a new start on a daily basis. Please follow the link: