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Toilet Twinning - update

Our Year 3 & 4 children led worship all about 'Toilet Twinning'.  They enthused the rest of the school and inspired us to hold a 'Blue Day' in addition to donating the funds raised by harvest festival to this charity.

Toilet Twinning

In living out the value of love, Year 3 & 4 have looked at showing Christianity in action.  As part of this unit, they have found that many villages around the world are without toilets. Shocking really, considering how many we have and take for granted in this country! The consequences of no toilets are terrible - adults and children contract diarrhoea, which results in requiring hospital treatment. Diarrhoea is the third biggest killer of children under the age of 5 in Sub-Saharan Africa. Fees have to be paid for treatment and therefore children miss a lot of schooling because parents, after medical fees, can’t afford to pay for their child’s education or the resources needed.

The children discovered that a Christian charity called Toilet Twinning raises money to ensure toilets and handwashing stations are built and to deliver workshops to promote the importance of handwashing. One toilet costs just £60 and a school block of toilets costs £240. For each toilet or toilet block we raise money for, the charity will send us a framed photograph of the toilet that we have ‘twinned’ which we can then display in the school.  The children want to support this charity this year.  Watch this space...

For more information about this charity please click on the link below:


One of our ex-Isham students, Emma, has written and produced this video. It's currently being published on the Diocesan website, on a Christian website and on Bishop Stopford School's website. We thought you might like to take a look...

Remembrance Day

In school, we will be observing the Two Minute Silence, and remembering. If you want to help your child understand the significance of the poppy and the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’, then this 7 minute video is very accessible for primary school children, set partly in a Scottish context:


If you would like a recorded talk and prayer which could be used at home with primary school children, then may I recommend Canon Beverley Hollins’ remembrance recording, which was filmed in Hardingstone Church this Sunday, just after Canon Beverley had led a remembrance event at the village war memorial -