Isham CofE Primary School

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Year 5/6

2nd in the Cricket Comp' at Northamptonshire County Cricket Club

DT & Geography

Year 5& 6 were making car alarms in DT and in Geography were looking at how mountains were formed.  Photos below...

In Science, we were exploring what colour light actually is. We used spinners and glass prisms to prove that light is actually all colours of the rainbow.

See photos below...

Thursday 24th March

Today, Year 5 and 6 had a visit from Reverend Denise and learnt about Holy Communion and the Eucharistic Prayer. They learnt that Holy Communication symbolises the last supper and the importance of the bread and wine. They thoroughly enjoyed tasting a communion wafer and had the opportunity to ask Reverend Denise about her lifestyle as a vicar and general questions about what their role entails.  

Please see the photos below...

R.E. with Reverend Denise

Year 5 & 6 First Aid Training

Looking at Scaling-Up and Collage to create artwork that was 2D which actually appeared 3D

Year 5 & 6 Trip to National Space Centre - 28th Feb 2022

Curriculum News - Autumn 2021

Forest School - Year 5, Week 3

Forest School - Year 5, Week 2

Forest School - Year 5, week 1

Baking, Y6 Forest School and Football Comp'

England Semi-Finals Celebration!!!!

Forest School - Session 1

Science & Dare to be Different Day

Sponsored Fun Run on Thursday 13th May

Flora having a lovely time with Year 5 & 6

Christmas party photos and badminton team photos

We’d like to thank Kat Pennington (Primary English Specialist & Y2 Parent) for sharing some great Christmas reads…and some suggestions for the odd stocking filler. Happy Reading!

Support for Parents and Carers

TIKTOK: NCC and Simon Aston (our children know Simon – he works in school on Internet Safety & has run workshops for parents)  now have a YouTube channel advising parents and carers on how to safeguard young people on the popular social media app, TikTok:


INTERNET MATTERS: Great advice for parents and carers ranging from school closures to online safety: