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Welcome to the family of Isham Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School.

This is an outstanding school’ Ofsted March 2015

‘The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Isham CEVA Primary as a Church of England school are outstanding’ National Society (SIAMs) Inspection June 2015

The school has been a feature of the parish of Isham since 1840 and provides for pupils aged 4-11 years both from the Parish of Isham and beyond.

The Governors, staff, parents and children are committed to developing a positive, challenging learning environment in which all pupils can achieve their full potential.

This aim is to be cherished by all who join the caring Christian family of our school.

Please find our most recent inspection documents attached below.

Ofsted Report 2015                                       Isham CEVA SIAMS 2015

Extreme Explorers


In Year 3 and 4 this term, our project is Extreme Explorers where we will be taking a trip across deserts and to Egypt, whilst tackling tornadoes and volcanoes. Please feel free to take a look at the photos of the classroom for this term.





















Day 5

Sausage, beans and hash browns was devoured after we were all packed up and ready to return back to the mainland.

Before we said our final goodbyes to Kingswood; problem solving and abseiling challenged the gang of fifteen!

With mixed emotions everyone climbed wearily onto the minibus, thankful for our fun filled memorable week on the Isle of Wight.

Day 4

After struggling to get out of bed everyone managed to enjoy breakfast – bacon, beans and hash browns.A whistle stop to the gift shop was followed by Archery.

Zip wire enabled everyone to enjoy some final sea views, feeling the breeze as they whizzed from the tower.  A choice of fish fingers or meatballs and chips helped to recharge some batteries for Jacobs ladder.

Working in pairs, Isham monkeys took up the challenge with great success.  Everyone achieved or surpassed the target they had set for themselves – with one determined pair setting a Kingswood record of 3 mins 19 seconds to reach the very top – amazing!

Next activity was fencing, everyone looked the part and enjoyed learning the technical names, moves and bouts – on guard!

Laser maze was the final activity of the afternoon before our final dinner on the IOW.

Quad biking was enjoyed by everyone and I’m pleased to report there were no crashes!  Toasted marshmallows, singing and silly actions around the camp fire rounded off the day nicely.

Isle of Wight – Day 3

Sausage, beans and hash brown potatoes for breakfast set everyone up for our hike down to the beach! Everyone enjoyed a blissful time navigating the rock pools for crabs, fish and other animals of the sea.

Once back on camp, pizza and chips was a very welcomed sight for lunch!

Leap of faith was the first activity straight after lunch – six gutsy Yr 6′s made it to standing at the top of the pole; leaping for the ball.

A session of ICT followed which enabled everyone to record their results from the mornings rock pooling.

Indoor climbing was both challenging and fun and enjoyed by everyone. Roast dinner and apple crumble and custard refilled the gang who were ready for fun games and volleyball. The final task for the evening was scrap heap challenge where two teams had to tell jokes, or recall facts, to earn materials to create a character out of cardboard, then write and tell everyone a story about it! It was an hilarious evening, both teams were fab, so it was a draw.

After posh biscuits and hot chocolate we were lucky enough to enjoy star gazing (did you know there are 6 planets that are currently visible in the sky this month?) the sky was so clear in the IOW we managed to spot and name all six plus see three shooting stars – magical end to a perfect day

Isle of Wight Day Two

After cereal, scrambled egg, bacon, tomato plus as much toast as you could eat, Yr6 were raring to start!

Our first challenge of the day – 3G swing! Everyone was excited and quickly sorted themselves into pairs. Apparently the views were spectacular and it wasn’t as scary as everyone thought!

Next activity was the assault course followed by burger and chips for lunch!

Outdoor climbing was the first task after lunch, with everyone working as a team nearly everyone managed to reach the top of the tower.

We then had a brisk walk to the beach, but, unfortunately, the tide was in so we look forward to visiting again tomorrow.

Night line and team tech was the replacement activities for the afternoon.

After a delicious dinner of chicken tortilla or jumbo sausage. Rounders with a view of the mainland set everyone up nicely for the final activity of the day in the club ‘DISCO’.

Isle of Wight – Day One

Eagle of the seas carried us all safely to the IOW, arriving safely at the Kingswood centre just after 11.30. Once we had made our beds and unpacked, everyone met the group leader Ollie who played parachute games and four square. Meatballs were the favourite choice for dinner. Balance beam was the first activity to kick off IOW 2016, followed by a pool party! Everyone was tired and ready for bed after hot chocolate and a biscuit.


Sorry no photos – Mrs Worts has been unable to get on the internet but will keep trying!