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Welcome to the family of Isham Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School.

The school has been a feature of the parish of Isham since 1840 and provides for pupils aged 4-11 years both from the Parish of Isham and beyond.

The Governors, staff, parents and children are committed to developing a positive, challenging learning environment in which all pupils can achieve their full potential.

This aim is to be cherished by all who join the caring Christian family of our school.

Golden Mile Winners: November 14

The Golden Mile December 2014 Newsletter

We’ve traveled from the South Pole to the North Pole and back again…

Welcome to our monthly newsletter.

If you’re new to The Golden Mile, the monthly newsletter lets you know if your school came in the top 3 schools for averaging the most miles per pupil, for last month; it’s the only fair way of doing it!

We’re delighted to say there has been no let up with schools clocking up an impressive 5000 miles in September, 12,000 in October and 14,463 in November, making 31,463 miles of physical activity so far this school year.

Here’s a brain numbing fact for you… 31,463 miles is the equivalent of travelling from the South Pole to the North Pole and back again!!

Top scorers – November 2014

The top 3 schools in November that averaged the most Golden Miles per pupil was -

1. Isham Church of England School, Kettering averaged 6.69 Golden Miles per pupil.

2.Hollesley Primary School,Woodbridge averaged 5.19 Golden Miles per pupil.

3.Reedham Primary School in Norwich averaged 4.65 Golden Miles per pupil.

Well done Isham!

Admissions Policy 2015

Please find attached our 2015 policy for children wishing to join our school.

All schools that are their own Admissions Authority (Isham CEVA Primary) are required to publish their “Admission Appeals Timetable”. An Appeal is a route you may wish to consider, should your child not be offered a place at Isham for Sept 2015. The timetable has not yet been published for YrR Appeals and we will publish this info as soon s we have it.

If you have applied to another year group in our school, and have not been successful, you also have Right of Appeal. In the first instance you should request an Appeal Form by writing to: Diocesan Appeals Administrator, Diocesan Board of Education, Bouverie Court, 6 The Lakes, Bedford Road, Northampton, NN4 7YD. Tel: 01604 887006 or email: education@peterborough-diocese.org.uk.

Admissions Policy 2015

School Policies


Please click on the PDF files to access the school’s current policies. 

Anti-bullying Policy 2014 behaviour and discipline policy 2014 Charging and remissions policy  Child Protection requirements for staff  Collective worship policy  Drug Education Policy  Income Policy 2012  Internet Access and e safety poliy  Isham school health needs policy final.2014  Racial Equality 2014  Safeguarding Policy 2014 for 2015  Safer Recruitment Policy 2013  Sex Education Policy  Special Educational Need Policy 2014  Uniform Policy  WhistleblowingPolicyv 2014  Admissions Policy 2015