Isham CofE Primary School

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At Isham we offer a well-rounded, well-planned, ambitious and progressive curriculum. Details of this curriculum can be accessed from this page, as follows:

  • Curriculum Approach

This tab includes our Curriculum Intent – an over-arching view of the Isham Curriculum. It should be read alongside our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS – Year R) Statement and our Teaching and Learning Statement.  Additionally, under this tab, you will find our Maths Intent, our EYFS Maths Intent, our whole school Reading Intent and our whole school Writing Intent.

  • Long Term Plans

Under this tab, you will find the Long Term Plans (LTPs) for each class. We’re currently in Cycle B of a two year rolling programme.

All other LTPs for each subject are found here too – Art, Computing, DT, RE, PE, Science, Geography, History alongside English and Maths. Music will follow shortly!

  • Curriculum News

These contain overviews of each term’s focus in each class, and are the same documents that are emailed out to parents at the start of every term.

  • KIRF overview

KIRF stands for Key Instant Recall Facts. Our KIRFS are the agreed non-negotiables in Maths that your children need to know at set points in the year, in order that they attain the government’s age-related expectations at the end of each key stage.

  • Long Term Plans – Lockdown Links

A Covid19 Special Edition of our LTPs. These show any useful links you may need should any of our Bubbles fold. This will be in addition to the Live Teaching and emails from teachers.

  • Calculation Policies

These provide an overview of our teaching of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, and show how we teach these functions from EYFS (Year R) to Y6.

Should you require any additional information about our Curriculum, please contact the school.